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Estate Litigation

After losing a loved one, you and surviving family members are left devastated and grieving. When addressing how a decedent’s estate is handled, these feelings can quickly become compounded with frustration if there is disagreement on this process. DC and Maryland estate law is complex and requires strict adherence by all involved, especially those acting as executors, trustees, or administrators.

The majority of estates that go through the probate process do so without serious conflict, but some circumstances require litigation. If you are part of an estate administration process as a beneficiary, executor, or other related roles, The Law Offices of Thomas Stahl can provide you with effective and knowledgeable counsel during a challenging probate process. Not only can we assist you in evaluating potential estate issues that could lead to contestation, but our skilled legal team can help you understand what rights you have in such matters.

Why Estate Litigation is Sometimes Necessary

After losing a loved one, you or another relative may have filed the Will with the probate court in their county and are both seeking to be executor. Perhaps you are unsure what next steps you should take after finding out there is a Will, but no one is willing to go through probate court. Or, maybe you are in an estate dispute and need an attorney to intervene on your behalf.

Any of these situations may necessitate consulting with a seasoned estate litigation attorney to advise you on protecting the estate assets and your rights in doing so. Attorney Thomas Stahl has helped DC and Maryland families settle these matters for over a decade and can assist you in many situations that lead to contesting of a Will, including:

  • Missing assets
  • Multiple Wills
  • Fraud allegations
  • Missing trusts
  • Allegations of undue influence
  • Presence of an unknown family member

Because family dynamics are often complicated and emotionally charged, our estate litigation attorneys understand the traumatic effect disputes can have for years to come. We hate to see loved ones become estranged over an estate dispute and make it our goal to firmly but compassionately navigate these tense circumstances with the hope of getting the best outcome for your situation. This means also doing everything possible to keep your family intact by being mindful of all involved while keeping your interests our primary focus.

Navigate Estate Disputes with Care

Whether you are a beneficiary, executor, trustee, or are unsure why you are not part of the estate, you can file a dispute to resolve an estate issue with the probate court. This usually requires the assistance of an experienced estate litigation attorney, who can represent your case and advise you on actions to avoid during the process, such as:

  • Hiding assets
  • Destroying the Will and related documents
  • Forging documentation
  • Behaving vengefully or doing vengeful acts
  • Making threats or becoming violent
  • Make decisions about your dispute without consulting an estate litigation lawyer

At The Law Offices of Thomas Stahl, we have many years of experience in dispute resolution and do our best to resolve any outstanding estate issues before a family falls apart. We use our mediation and negotiation skills to find a reasonable solution for yourself and other relatives before having a judge hear your case. If your matter must go to court, we are there with you every step of the way to represent your best interests and position your case as favorably as possible with the court.

Estate Litigation Attorneys That Find Solutions

As one of the more complex probate law areas, estate litigation takes time, patience, and determination to resolve. If you feel that your only course of action is to litigate, you must be doing so for legitimate reasons and not based on anger or dissatisfaction.

With over 15 years of assisting individuals and families throughout DC and Maryland navigate complex estate contestations and negotiations, we at The Law Offices of Thomas Stahl have an extensive understanding and track record of successfully representing these challenging cases. You have rights under DC or Maryland probate and deserve to have your concerns heard out before your loved one’s estate has been distributed.

We bring compassionate and personalized estate litigation services to emotionally-charged probate cases and are available to answer your questions regarding Wills and Trusts at any time. Give us a call today at (410) 696-4326 or (202) 964-7280, or reach out online through our contact page to set up a consultation.

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