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Comprehensive Legal Solutions For Families in Maryland and DC

Practice Areas

Comprehensive Legal Solutions For Families in Maryland and DC

At The Law Offices of Thomas Stahl, we provide full-service representation to families facing family law issues and to those wishing to secure financial security for their loved ones through estate planning. With years of experience representing families throughout the Washington D.C. area, our firm has an in-depth understanding of how local, state, and federal law can impact your case.

Hiring our firm to represent you means you not only enjoy the benefit of our extensive legal knowledge, but you also can have peace in mind with our history of successful outcomes for our clients. It is easy to understand why so many families and their loved ones rely on us to help them navigate complex issues related to divorce, custody, guardianships, and estate planning. Set up a consultation with us today and find out more about how our legal services can benefit your case.

Family Law Attorneys to Keep Your Divorce On Track

couple signed divorce paper and placed their rings on top of the documentIf you have separated from your spouse or feel your marriage has failed, divorce may be the best option to help you and your loved ones find a solution to a stressful marital relationship. Before filing for divorce, it is crucial to sit down with an experienced divorce attorney to learn what the dissolution process entails and how it could impact your life going forward.
The attorneys of The Law Offices of Thomas Stahl can assist you in navigating the many aspects of divorce that you may not have contemplated, including:

The emotionally charged issue of child custody and support can cause a civil divorce proceeding to tailspin into disputes that can make the process drag on for years. Our firm strives to help you achieve a fair dissolution agreement with your spouse to avoid this situation if possible.

Effective Estate Planning and Wills for Maryland and DC Families

single-family house in the suburbsPreparing for unexpected health crises and our eventual death is never an easy subject to think about, let alone plan for. But, these life events are critical to incorporate into any comprehensive estate plan or will. Having a will or trust in place is not just for the elderly or seriously ill because life brings surprises.
Our firm provides over a decade of experience helping individuals, business owners, and families create estate plans using a variety of legal tools, including:

The Law Offices of Thomas Stahl helps you create an estate plan that accounts for instances of incapacitation, a continuation of care for a disabled loved one in the event of your passing, and designating a guardian for any minor children you may have. End-of-life planning can provide a legacy of support that will care for those you love the most when you cannot do so yourself.

Attorneys to Help You Navigate Legal Guardianship Issues

father with happy disabled adult son Our inability to make decisions on our own is something we never truly consider when developing an estate plan. For some of us, we have elderly parents to care for and realize they can no longer make important choices regarding their long-term care or finances. In these delicate situations, it may be necessary to pursue legal guardianship over a vulnerable family member, even temporarily, due to severe illness.
Our team of family law attorneys has an in-depth understanding of elder law as well as disability law. We can assist you in many aspects of legal guardianship proceedings, including:
  • Guardian appointment
  • Incapacity proceedings
  • Accounting of the appointed guardian
  • Removing a guardian
  • Guardianship termination proceedings
The Law Offices of Thomas Stahl handle these types of matters with the utmost care and compassion. Throughout your case, we not only look out for your rights as a guardian, but we also ensure your vulnerable loved one has their best interests treated as a top priority throughout the process.

How Our Family Law and Estate Planning Firm Can Help Your Family

When faced with a serious family law issue like divorce or planning your estate, understanding how you and your loved ones may be impacted in the future is critical before taking any action. When you choose the attorneys at The Law Offices of Thomas Stahl to represent your case, you are no longer shouldering the difficult decisions regarding your marriage, custody issues, or estate planning. We have an in-depth understanding of the Maryland and Washington, DC family law system and overlapping fields of practice that many firms do not possess. Contact us today at (410) 696-4326 or (202) 964-7280 to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help you achieve your legal goals.

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