My father has Alzheimer’s. How do I get guardianship to ensure he is well cared for and protected?

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If you are here looking to learn how to attain guardianship for an Alzheimers patient, then it’s very likely that your loved one is already struggling to care for themselves. Indeed, guardianship or conservatorship as it is also known, is a common strategy used with those suffering from the condition. The reason is that it can so severely impact an individual’s ability to properly take care of themselves.

However, before you petition for guardianship for an Alzheimers patient it is vital to understand what is involved in the process and what your responsibilities will be. Fortunately, you can access all this information and more below.

What is Guardianship?

Guardianship is a legally appointed relationship, where the guardian is entitled to make decisions concerning the care, finances, and living circumstances of the loved one affected. It is granted when the individual concerned is no longer able to make these decisions for themselves.

Reasons for Guardianship

It can be difficult to get guardianship of a compromised adult and the process will only be successful if the person in question is deemed, by the courts, to be unable to care for themselves. Usually, this means they aren’t managing their finances, medication, or basic care.

How to Petition for Guardianship

The process of applying forguardianship for an Alzheimers patient will vary depending on whereabouts they are located in the country, as each state has its own requirements that must be fulfilled.

It can also be a lengthy and complicated process to get guardianship of a compromised adult. Of course, this is understandable because it involves the removal of rights for the individual concerned and an increased duty of care for those that accept guardianship.

To that end, only a select number of people can initiate the guardianship process. These include:

  • A state or local government agency
  • A relative of the elderly person
  • A spouse or domestic partner of the elderly person
  • A friend of the elderly person
  • The elderly person

While the guardianship for an Alzheimers patient process differs from state to state, they usually cover the following steps.

  • Filing for petition
  • Informing the individual concerned and their family
  • An investigation into whether the guardianship is necessary (by a court-appointed investigator)
  • A court hearing to decide whether to grant the petition

Duty of Care

Once a petition for guardianship has been granted, the duty of care for the individual concerned rests with the guardian. This means that they must make decisions for this person concerning their care, health, and living circumstances while putting the individual’s interest first.

Guardianship Attorneys

Now you know more about how to attain guardianship of a person with Alzheimers, the next step is to find a seasoned attorney with plenty of experience in the field to partner with. Fortunately, at The Law Offices of Thomas Stahl you can find the experience and expertise you need to make the process of petitioning to get guardianship of a compromised adult as straightforward as possible. Schedule a consultation today, on (410) 696-4326 or (202) 964-7280.

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